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Feb 2019: Jessie's Barbecue & Local Market

Jesse’s Barbecue and Local Market has made itself a prominent fixture within the Souderton community.  With the combined desire to create a place for locals to come and gather and Jesse’s cooking talents, the barbecue concept took precedence as the founding partners Jesse and Tom noticed such a niche within Souderton that could be filled.  


“I always had a passion for grilling meats. My passion for smoking meat was cultivated when my wife and I lived/worked at a small Christian camp off the grid in Oregon. It was there that I learned the fundamentals of slow, wood-fired cooking. When we moved back to PA I got my first smoker from Georgia & began to hone my skills & toss around the idea to start my own restaurant... And with the help of my mom & my uncle Tom, here we are!”


“My mom, Jesse’s grandmother, always had a love for cooking and she passed that down to Jesse’s mom, which is my sister, and then she passed it down to Jesse; so it’s a family thing. 
I don’t have the knack cooking for 
like they do, but I jumped on board.  I liked the idea.”

Tom had always been a Souderton resident, but while his nephew Jesse was looking for a house, Tom had mentioned their current location and it just made sense.  Starting out as a 2-car garage, they transformed the space which has continued to evolve over the last 6 years into the Barbecue & Local Market that it is today!

With the outdoor seating area next to the smokers and the concerts held during the summer season, it seems Jesse and Tom have achieved their goal in making a great place to hang out and have great food!   


“It feels like a place that’s been around for a while, and people can tell the food is homemade.  And we’re fortunate enough to have a great staff!

March 2019: The Broad Street Grind

It’s 7 am, Friday morning and the weekend is right there in your reach and yet it’s slipping through your fingers.  The last 5 minutes felt like 5 years, and your eyes are getting heavier and heavier with each passing minute.  You know what it sounds like?  You need to stop by Broad Street Grind or how else will you get through the day?!

Broad Street Grind opened its doors to Souderton on January 31st, 2017, and as their website states, they’ve been “building [the] community and cultivating meaningful relationships, one cup of coffee at a time” ever since. 

Phil Shade, owner of the one-of-a-kind coffee house, came up with the idea after noticing a need to create a venue to serve as a meeting place in our community. More importantly, he wanted to bring great Coffee and culture to Souderton!

The moment you step inside Broad Street Grind, you realize you’re somewhere that transcends the notion of what a coffee house is.  Broad Street Grind has a New York feel, with a sophisticated urban aesthetic.  Warm blues and greys make the environment immediately relaxing. 

When you walk in the door, Upon entering, you’re greeted by a sign that reads “everything here is made fresh to order with love! Quality takes time. Until February 15th, I never had a cup of coffee.  Since then, I’ve grown what some might call an addiction, though I prefer the phrase “healthy obsession." I’d happily wait an hour for a cup of coffee from one of their 12-14 varieties offered on any given day.  It’s just that good!

Let's not overlook their tea. The tea is steeped three times, with fresh leaves and once it’s brewed, the smell will resonate in your nose and haunt you for the rest of your day.  We also need to give a shout out for their gourmet food selection! Espresso maple bacon breakfast sandwiches, avocado toast, zucchini noodle salad, butternut bean burritos and twisted BLT's are just a few of the menu items! The chef at Broad Street Grind is a culinary master.  There’s no other way to put it.

Food and drinks aside, Broad Street Grind is where the cultural party is! Local musicians play during “Souderton's 3rd Friday’s,” events are held such as "Coffee, Tea and Civil Conversation" and "Dine and Grind Fridays," all while the work of local artists is shared for 2-month durations!  Currently, you can see and purchase the work of Lindsey Schaffner and Sam Swartley!

I asked Phil what made him turn this coffee shop into such a hotspot of entertainment and culture? “I knew it needed to be more than a simple coffee shop.  I wanted to create a safe space for everyone in town to gather and talk… It’s a great accomplishment to see it doing this well and to know that I wasn’t crazy for seeing the need…’cause sometimes I thought I was a little crazy.” 

Well Phil, we’re all crazy for Broad Street Grind.  In fact, it’s the sanest way to be. 

So... it’s 7 am and you don’t know how you’re going to make it through the day. Just trust me... get through your daily Grind on Board Street! 

braod 1.png
suds for website.jpg

Winter has finally subsided, bringing an end to the slush and salt that soils your car. But now, spring brings a messy, yellowish-green film to take its place.  Why spend your precious weekend scrubbing your car when you can have it done right at Sudz In A Bucket?   With quality products like triple-foam conditioner, clear-coat sealant, and the secret Sudz super-shield formula, Sudz will have you zipping down the road in a clean, shiny car in no time.  

Jerry Umstead partnered with Brian Keller to purchase the Sudz property on County Line Road,  Souderton in 2008.  They launched a massive overhaul of the existing outdated car wash and nearly doubled the size of the facility.  After they were done, the only part of the original building still standing was Jerry’s office.  


Sudz In A Bucket believes it is important to be a “green” business.  Reclamation tanks under the front parking lot hold 4,500 gallons of rinse water.  This water is run through a thorough filtration process and then used in a new wash cycle. Good for your car and good for our environment!


Sudz offers detailing which includes a complete hand wash of the vehicle, engine, door jams, and trunk/hatch jam.   The entire vehicle is vacuumed and scrubbed followed by polishing, body-claying, and applying 100% Carnauba wax for a silky-smooth finish.  The tires are treated with dressing, and the wheels are wiped to a sparkling, like-new shine.


The crown jewel of Sudz is the 24/7 automatic car wash.    Folks who leave for work in the early morning hours or come home late in the day can go through the wash bay at their convenience.  Kids will enjoy the ride through the automated process that allows you to stay inside your vehicle and enjoy the show. They’ll think it’s great fun and you’ll enjoy driving out in a sparkling, clean car.


This year, skip the self-wash in your driveway with the cumbersome bucket, kinked hose, and dirty sponge. Let Sudz In A Bucket work their magic so you and your fresh, clean car are on the road enjoying spring in our beautiful community.

Something Better Logo 60%.jpg

March 2019: The Burger Shop

The family behind Caruso Brick Oven Trattoria has embarked on a mission to expand into other cuisines.  But what was the inspiration for this new venture? 

“[It was] a concept we thought would fit in this town. [We’ve] been in business for so long, and decided to work with the concept that everything would be about a specialized type of food; no service, no host, but rather an easily run and simple eating experience, with extraordinary food.” – Joe Chiaro


The new dining venue, simply named “The Burger Shop,” is named as such because it means everything, as Joe stated.  It’s easy to remember, and it tells you what the establishment is all about; Burgers!

Simply styled, with fresh ingredients and only a few variations; you'll know no matter what that your burger will be savory and delicious!

But The Burger Shop is only the beginning. “We have other buildings, and we’re working on other ideas with the same easy-to-run concept; a soup and salad location, with homemade, fresh food. We’re also thinking about opening a donut shop… We have buildings in Souderton to start doing that, so we want to do that one step at a time, but it’s been a long process, almost 16 years”

The beginning phase of this new developmental process is The Burger Shop, which is expected to open at the end of the month! To help kick it off, they’re holding a Burger Bash, to invite everyone to come and see the new venue! 

The Chiaro family is dedicated to the revival of this great borough, and they aren't slowing down in their efforts. Joe Chiaro is running an event this Spring called “Souderton Eats!” Rather than acting like the typical restaurant week that many towns have, the idea behind Souderton Eats is to act as a community event and bring people together, over delicious food! Vendors outside of the food industry are also welcome! If you’re interested in this event, send an email to

Stop at Something Better team member on the street and ask what the best part of their job is,

chances are they’ll say, “That’s easy! It’s seeing the difference we make in homes and the

smiles on our clients’ faces.” When you consider that Something Better has been serving our

community for 15 years, that’s a lot of smiles!

Something Better provides cleaning and organizing services designed to relieve the stress that

burdens their clients. Cleaning is performed in homes and small offices and can range from

one-time cleaning jobs to cleaning on a regular basis. Spring cleaning (happily offered any time

of the year!) and post-construction cleaning are special areas of expertise. Clients typically start

with a free site evaluation in which a customized cleaning program is set up for their home.

That level of personal care and service continues with every cleaning.

Organizing is performed as a one-time event or as periodic sessions to maintain the initial

organizing results. Something Better is happy to take on small jobs such as organizing pantries

and closets but is just as happy to jump in to de-clutter and re-organize a whole house. Some

clients are buried under clutter and others just want their home to work better for their family’s

needs. No problem! Something Better really shines when it comes to helping some of their

favorite people—those who are served by Montgomery and Bucks County agencies that help

seniors and developmentally disabled people stay in their homes. It’s an unusual niche that

lets Something Better exercise all their skills from removing the clutter to organizing what

remains to performing a top-to-bottom cleaning so that home is beautiful again.

Margaret Zglinicki began Something Better

in 2004 to support her family while still being able to

homeschool her children. As she considered what kind of business she wanted start, she

observed there are many people who lack the time, energy, knowledge, or desire to clean and

organize and realized this creates a great need for reputable, professional, and customer-

friendly help. She jumped in with both feet and never looked back. At first, the only team

member on the team was Margaret. Soon, however, her kids began to assist in the business

and it’s been a family-oriented business ever since. While Margaret’s children are now grown

and moved out of the area except one daughter who still helps with the business, other

mother/daughter, sister/sister, and husband/wife teams have come on board. Family is so

important to Something Better that their conference room is decorated with pictures of team

members and their families.

Because of their serious commitment to putting the customer first, Something Better has grown

from Margaret being the sole employee to a company that now boasts 25 employees. Team

members go through rigorous training so they’re equipped to give clients that “ahhhh moment”

when they walk into their home and feel like everything is right with the world—at least until the

dog and kids run through the house.

When you’re looking around your home and thinking "there's got to be something better!”, it’s

good to know there is!