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Chrysalis Hair Design

Having always wanted to open her own salon, Kim Staropoli opened Chrysalis Hair Design directly on Main Street in Souderton over ten years ago.  She wanted to offer a place where her clients could feel pampered and rejuvenated.   Chrysalis is also the place to go if you’re ready for a big change.   Kim and her team will guide you through your transformation, offering you a professional level of service and their full attention.


The salon itself just went through some changes with upgrades, new carpet, and a fresh coat of paint.  They’ve also put many steps in place to ensure everyone’s safety at the salon, including an easy to follow “Green Guide”.  Kristen is the front desk coordinator ready to answer all your questions and get you set up with an appointment.  


Kim, Teresa, and Brian each have their own specialties and love what they do.  Low maintenance color like Balayage and all one length haircuts are trending right now.  Brian recommends investing in your hair with quality hair products that make all the difference.  In the works is a Head Shot Event, where Chrysalis Hair Design has partnered with Bruce Kinsey Photography to provide you with professional photos.  Follow @ChrysalisHairDesignPA for updates on this event and more. 





Chrysalis Hair Design





(267) 203-8099 • chrysalishairdesign@yahoo.com



Service Station

After speaking with Jarrod and Rebecca Michalak, the owners of Michalak’s Service Station, I learned that Jarrod doesn’t just take care of cars, he takes care of people.  This compassion and work ethic was passed down from his parents who started the business in Souderton back in 1984.  “At Michalak’s Service Station, it is our mission to deliver the highest quality service with attention to detail, honesty, and integrity in all aspects of our business.”  


At Michalak’s, you can trust that they’re looking out for your best interests.  From the little things like loaning out his cars to delivering an elderly person’s car for them, it’s easy to see that Michalak’s is full of caring people.  If you need more convincing, just read the more than four hundred testimonials on their website, www.michalaksservicestation.com.  On the site, you can easily schedule appointments and see a full list of services and current specials.  Right now Michalak’s has a special offer for essential workers to show their appreciation.  


After years of experience, Jarrod advises that one of the most important things is to keep up with the general maintenance of your car in order to avoid bigger problems later on.  Jarrod and his team stay educated on the latest updates to technology such as hybrid maintenance and calibrating the newer adaptive cruise control and crash avoidance features.  With their long history of 35 years, modern industry-leading updates, and a touching family legacy, Michalak’s continues to show their commitment to providing quality auto service to the community.



Michalak’s Service Station





(215)660-4304 • info@michalakservice.com

Love Obsessed

How did you become obsessed?  For me it started when a friend invited me to join a Facebook group called Love Obsessed Nation.  That was my first time shopping from a live sale.  I never expected it to be so easy, so much fun, to include the occasional armadillo, to make me laugh out loud, and quickly feel a part of the group.


It was so exciting to actually sit down with Stacy Dill, the owner of Love Obsessed.  Stacy’s love of Valentine’s Day and her jewelry brand inspired her to begin a women’s clothing boutique in 2012.  Stacy decided to go after her dream after asking herself, “How can I tell my kids to go after their dreams if I’m afraid to go after my own?”  She has now expanded to multiple locations including Quakertown, Lansdale, King of Prussia, and her hometown, Souderton.  


Stacy knows what we want and hand selects all the styles.  From unique leggings, graphic tees, and hoodies to that perfect dress for your special occasion, you can find it at Love Obsessed.  More importantly Stacy and her friendly staff welcome all ages, sizes, and backgrounds.  Love Obsessed is more than a shop, it’s a community of women who come together to celebrate each other.


You can catch all the new arrivals during the live sales, which are every Wednesday and Sunday at 6pm.  Just like the clothing, each shop is unique and definitely worth a visit to see all that they have to offer.  Remember all of the locations are open right now and stay tuned for the Love Obsessed App coming soon! 



Love Obsessed





(215)789-2424 • loveobsessed1980@gmail.com

Landis, Hunsberger, Gingrich, & Weik Law Firm

Originally from Michigan, Charlotte Hunsberger started her life here with her husband, PA native, Steve Hunsberger, who is the Executive Director of the Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce.  They both work hard to support our local businesses here in Souderton.


Charlotte has been with Landis, Hunsberger, Gingrich, & Weik for twenty years.  Her main focus is Estate Planning, Real Estate, and Corporate Law, while still working with many Non-Profit Groups in the area.  She’s ready for the unexpected, in fact that’s her favorite part of the job. 


The Law Firm of Landis, Hunsberger, Gingrich, & Weik was started back in 1947 by Elvin Souder.  The partners, Jeff Landis, Charlotte Hunsberger, Oliver Gingrich, and Dorothy Weik-Hange, also work with Bob Brickern and Brian Gourley to provide Souderton with quality legal representation including a wide range of practice areas.  Their website LHGWlaw.com has all the attorney profiles as well as a list of their many practice areas.


Top 5 - Ask The Expert


  1. What happens if I become sick?  Charlotte says to plan for any potential illness or incapacity, make sure your Estate Planning Documents, Power of Attorney, and Living Will are updated and reviewed.   


  1. What do I need to do to start a business?  First, talk to an accountant to understand the tax implications and create a business plan.  Second, an attorney can then help you understand the liability implications and whether you need to create an entity to make sure you’re protected.


  1. Are there new Real Estate requirements to deal with COVID-19?  Whether you are a buyer or seller, Charlotte wants you to be aware of the new Disclosures that have been put in place.  If you do not have a Realtor, an attorney can also help with the transaction.  Title Insurance is required by a mortgage company to prove clear title and full ownership of the home.  The title premium is set by the state and is the same wherever you go.  LHGW does have a Title Company and they are able to hold settlements at the office.    


  1. Covid-19 Regulations Affecting Business  Charlotte recommends the https://www.governor.pa.gov/ for staying up on constantly changing regulations.  Her firm can offer guidance on how to follow CDC guidelines and update your business practices.  Specifically they can help update your Employee Handbooks and also give guidance on how to handle issues with mask wearing compliance.


  1. Remember Our Non-Profits – Our local Non-Profit groups are under increased pressures with trying to do more for the community while trying to protect their volunteers and continued large gathering limitations.  Charlotte encourages us to think of how we can continue to give back during this time.  



Landis, Hunsberger, Gingrich, & Weik Law Firm





(215)723-4350 • info@lhgwlaw.com

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Art on the Hill Gallery

I’m honored to share this spotlight, having worked with Joanne and her community of artists.  Joanne Fabian is a photographer, a jewelry designer, and the owner of Art on the Hill in Souderton.  They just won Best Art Gallery 2020 on Montgomery County’s Happening List and is a longtime fixture in Souderton.


At Art on the Hill, you can find work from around thirty local artists all within about thirty miles of Souderton.  Their work ranges from original paintings, prints, collage, glass, photography, jewelry, pottery, woodworking, cards, and many more handcrafted goods. 


You get a personal shopping experience, when you shop at Art on the Hill Gallery.  It’s the perfect place to find that one of a kind piece.  The artists take turns working in the shop, which gives you a behind-the-scenes look into their making process.  You can find a list of all the artists on the website, artonthehillgallery.com.  


Art on the Hill Gallery





(215)721-2704 • artonthehillgallery@gmail.com


If you’ve always wanted to travel to exotic places, but have been too afraid of the unknowns, Travel Haus in Souderton can help.    Not only can they physically guide you on group trips, but they are your advocate through the whole process.  Suzi Berry’s 35 years of experience enables her clients to just relax and enjoy the trip.


Suzi and her team work for you in helping plan your trip, booking flights and accommodations, and helping you as any problems arise.  Not only can they match the low prices that you may find online, but  it doesn’t cost you anything extra to use Travel Haus.  Travel Haus is a full service travel agency specializing in cruises, groups, tours, destination weddings, honeymoons, and family vacations.  They also offer services for couples to register for their honeymoon and plan destination weddings, where brides are helped through the seamless process to create their dream wedding.  


Travel Haus professional consultants are always getting the latest trainings on the current cruises, tours, and destinations.  They also scout out various locations and hotels beforehand to ensure that their clients have the best experience.


You can travel with Suzi and her consultants on group trips to Europe and exotic destinations.  The 2020 group trips are tentatively scheduled for Greece, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon.  Traveling with a tour guide, puts you at ease knowing you’re with someone who speaks the language and has knowledge of the customs.


Travel Haus is a constant support to those in and around Souderton.  They are always giving back to the community.  Through their recent fundraiser, they are donating the proceeds of $500 to the Keystone Opportunity Center.  We’re so happy that “Travel Haus is here to stay.”



Travel Haus





(267)382-9632 • travelhaus@trvlhaus.com

Travel Haus

It feels like summertime, because Downtown Scoop of Souderton is officially open.  Three years ago, Kevin and Angie Hange stepped in to continue Downtown Scoop’s mission of serving community.  You can feel that community spirit at Downtown Scoop and they are often involved in local fundraising efforts.  “We feel blessed and we want to pass it on.” 


Their ice cream is special because it’s premium, small batch, and locally sourced from Shady Brook Farm and Del Val Market.  It’s made fresh and with very little air, which makes it super creamy and dense enough to break a spoon.  That’s a good thing according to Uncle Dave, who makes the ice cream, giving you more flavor in every bite.


Like many Soudertonians, Kevin and Angie’s favorite flavor is Billionaire Chocolate.  It’s definitely worth a trip to Downtown Scoop with double the cocoa.  Other top sellers include Salted Caramel, Vanilla Beanie, and Mint Flake.  They always have 12 flavors including one non-dairy option sourced from Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia.


Right now they’re open for curbside pickup, which you can order by calling (215)882-3343.  Flavors are listed on their website www.downtownscoop.com and you can get it by the cup, milkshake, float, and even pint.  When you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, support local this season and visit Downtown Scoop!



Downtown Scoop

Small Batch, Premium, Locally Sourced





(215)882-3343 • info@downtownscoop.com

Downtown Scoop


We’re so glad Leah O’Leary nerded out over escape rooms and opened up Play It Out in Souderton.  She puts her creativity to good use devising game rooms.  Play it Out shares the Liberty Hall building with Broad Street Grind and Love Obsessed.  


Living in Souderton, she could see the revitalization effort was moving in the right direction.  “Souderton was getting fun.  We felt it was time to make it even more fun and bring something social to do in Souderton.”  


That’s what makes Play It Out escape rooms unique.  Players work through locks, search for clues, solve crimes, puzzles, and riddles.  Most importantly people get a great time out socially where they can interact with each other and have fun.  In the newest escape room, Professor’s Ransom, local history buffs will be intrigued to save Henry Souder’s relative from being kidnapped. 


Leah also announced that Play It Out is now offering livestream puzzle games.  A Game Master will lead you and your team in a live-hosted zoom to solve online puzzles with your friends.  Book an online game or order a gift card now at www.playitoutgames.com.



Play It Out 

Are You Game?





(267)203-8929 • info@playitoutgames.com

Play It Out


Linda Barr’s salon, Reflections, has been a staple in the community for 34 years.  Growing up in Souderton, her hard work ethic and willingness to take a chance on herself led to opening her own business in 1986. 


Linda feels so blessed that her employees have been with her such a long time.  Her team of hair stylists, massage therapists, estheticians, and nail techs each have their own expertise.       


When you go to Reflections, right away you feel at home in a comfortable atmosphere.  Customers continue to come back year after year.  Reflections is a full service family friendly salon with new specials every month.


“I’m a very people person, so I love what I do.”


Interested in setting up a spa party?  Reflections also offers manicures, pedicures, facials, body polishes, body wraps, and massage.  They can help you get ready for that special day with waxing, tanning, and makeup services.


Pamper someone you know or even pamper yourself and order a gift certificate from Reflections.  The salon will open as soon as they can do so  safely.  In the mean time you can order products and gift certificates by calling at 215-732-6010 or emailing reflections18964@gmail.com.  




A Full Service Salon





(215) 723-6010 • reflectionshairstyling18964@gmail.com

Scooter's Bike Shop

Scott Landes is a Souderton native whose lifelong love of bicycles began with a cross-country adventure.  “I had a lot of time to think and soul search and I thought, I’m going to open a shop and try to turn as many people onto the joys of cycling.”


He has built his business on this passion which he instills into his customers.  Scooter’s Bike Shop offers a quality product, great timely service, and fair prices.  They carry top brands like Cannondale and Specialized.  


Instead of trying to shop the web, look at Scooter’s Bike Shop where they can guide you in your purchase with their expertise.  


Ready for a new bike?  Scott’s Tips:


-Know what type of surface you plan to ride.

-Get fitted for your next bike.

-Check out Click & Collect to purchase and pick up.


Scooter’s Bike Shop also offers service and repairs.  They’ve put plans in place to follow the current guidelines.  For service, call ahead, drop off your bike in the rack out front with instructions, pay over the phone, and then give a call for pickup. 


To order a gift certificate email: scootersbikes1975@gmail.com.


“Less work, more fun!”

Scooter’s Bike Shop

A family owned shop since 1975.





(215)-723-5909  •  scootersbikes1975@gmail.com

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